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This is the place to find updates, activity checks, and general notices concerning SoL's goings on.
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All the vital information about Stroke of Luck is within, a must read if you want to join us.
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After reading the important info this is where you come to post your character. The application template is within and once posted the characters will go through the pending and acceptance process. Accepted profiles can be found in a sub-board. Lists for open threads, face claims and more can be found within.
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If you're in need of some plots, this is the place to come. Here you can set up a plot thread for your characters and post in others' threads to plan for characters. Friends, enemies, lovers? You can get'em here. Note that you cannot post a plotter until you're accepted, though you're free to post in someone else's.
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If you're looking for hustle and bustle, this is where in Occulte you'll find the most of it. The city center is where business happens as well as a fair amount of shopping.
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For the most part this section of Occulte is calm, a place for families to nest at their leisure. Between the Suburbs and the City Center is Mazi Academy, a sort of barrier keeping them apart while intertwined.
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There are plenty of oddballs in the world who just don't feel like they fit in with normal society, and the artistic district of Occulte tends to attract them all. Graffiti is the norm and no one minds a new mural suddenly appearing overnight, but it's more than that- the art district welcomes all kinds of unusuals.
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Every city has it's seedier side and Occulte is no exception. The slums are where the poor gather, where the beaten down huddle together with dreams of making it to the top someday, and where the criminals plan. No matter what brings you to the slums you'll always want to keep an eye out, for safety.
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A number of hot spots that tourists have got to see when visiting Occulte were strategically built in the same location, making the Recreational District. Just off the beach you'll find some of the most fun places of the city, a great way to spend your day.
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Occulte City is fortunate to have a prime location surrounded by breathtaking views, nature that just begs to be explored.
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These lush gardens create astounding curb appeal, greeting everyone who visits the Castello De Ciero with radiant, bright flowers. As guests walk up the flowered path they find a fountain-anchored relaxation area with a bar and plenty of places to sit a spell. Within the gardens you will find a hedge-maze.
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This elaborate manse has stood on the outskirts of Occulte for countless years, a testament to Victorian architecture. While the building is typically exceptionally closed off, the owner has decided to open it for the Masquerade. Certain wings of the impressively large building will be closed off, but it will be decorated lavishly wherever guests are allowed. The entrance leads directly to the ballroom where the main event will be held.
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Guest Friendly!

This is where you can advertise your own sites or affiliate with us, but please take common courtesy into mind. Nothing too graphic and no board stretching. We accept all forum style advertisements: Jcink, Proboards, Freeforum, etc.
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From forum games to posting up your own art, anything a member could want to post about can be done here. There's a place to say hello or alert your fellows you're going on hiatus for a while as well, so keep us in the loop!
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All the retired things can be found here, from old character profiles to ancient threads.
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